Bruny vs. Oatlands (Away)

Oatlands defeated Bruny 10 - 4 (85 to 63 shots)


A very early departure from the Clubrooms at 7.15am catching the 8am ferry with a pit stop at Mood Food at Kempton saw us arriving at Oatlands in time for a couple of ends practice roll before the agreed early 11am start. It was also agreed to play straight through without a break due to the threat of forecast heavy rain. The heavy rain didn't eventuate but sometimes heavy drizzle didn't allow for a comfortable game. It was much better however than the heavy hail we encountered there a couple of years ago.

Bruny won 2 of the 4 battles but lost the war! Oatlands was too strong overall winning by a 22 shot margin. The gun rink of Martin Hampson (skip), Suzi Hazi, Janice Higgins and Max Burslem (pictured) was Bruny's best performing rink of the day winning by a margin of 5 shots. Martin is having a great season.....half way through the season he is holding second position on the Division 2 Skips' ladder. Bruny's other winning rink was that skipped by Leigh Higgins.

The concept of an early start and playing straight through was favourable with the players so hopefully will be adopted for future games.


  Match Details    
  Max Burslem, Suzi Hazi, Janice Higgins and Martin Hampson Won 20 - 15  
  Graeme Little, Kim Dudley, Warren Jenkins and Leigh Higgins Won 20 - 16  
  Jenny Martyn, Angela Little, Peter Wheeler and Chris Martyn Lost 12 - 20  
  Brian Paynter, Barry Bell, John Kobylec and Neil Jones Lost 11 - 34