Bruny Bowls Club participates in the interclub Pennants Competition administered by Southern Tasmania Bowls Association (STBA). During the 2016/17 season (October – March) Bruny will compete in Division 2. Results will appear below as the season progresses.



Bruny vs New Norfolk (away)

New Norfolk defeated Bruny 1 - 13 (89 to 74 shots)


We drove past the runners in the annual Bruny Island Marathon and ran the gauntlet of their accompanying vehicles on the way to the ferry. The weather was dry with very little wind.

We had a clear trip to New Norfolk and collected Ashley Cooper on the way as he has been ill and wanted to come and watch us play.

New Norfolk welcomed us with a chance to practice on their green, which was in excellent condition and then provided us with a welcome morning tea.

The game commenced as it usually does on our away games. The home team made use of their advantage getting a good lead on most rinks. As our players became used to the green their lead was reduced and by lunch time we had caught them. With only a few ends to go we had a lead and were looking to have a three rink win.

The unthinkable happened. New Norfolk gained a second wind and surged ahead during those final ends turning the game around, only granting us one point for one drawn rink and an overall loss of 15 shots. The rink which managed to draw was that of Max, Janice, Pete and Neil. The only real winner was Brian who won the meat tray.

  Match Details    
  Max Burslem, Janice Higgins, Peter Wheler and Neil Jones Drew 22 - 22  
  Jenny Martyn, Nola Taylor, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Lost 16 - 18  
  Scott Bennett, Suzanne Hazi, Noel Moore and Chris Martyn Lost 17 - 22  
  Brian Paynter, John Kobylec, Don Taylor and Gary Baker Lost 19 - 27  
  Team lost 1 - 13 (74 to 89 shots)