Bruny vs. Franklin (Home)

Bruny defeated Franklin 10 - 4 (85 to 74 shots)


Even though Franklin Bowls Club used its courtesy bus to travel to Bruny the "Lady Franklin" anchored off shore at Adventure Bay didn't provide enough support to the Franklin team to enable them to win.

A pleasant sunny day was welcomed by the bowlers even though some of the players had been up at the crack of dawn to pull their pots, with varying degrees of success, for the opening of the crayfish season.

Bruny was off to a good start on all rinks but once the Franklin players became accustomed to the faster paced 16 second green the games became much tighter. Bruny won on two of the rinks by a large enough margin to gain 10 points. It would have been wins on three rinks but for the excellent last bowl of Franklin Skip Brad Johns who remove his opponents two holding shots to gain 4 shots and a rink win.

Bruny's best performing rink, with a 13 shot margin, was that of Pete Wheeler, Jenny Martyn, Chris Martyn (skip) and Penaia Lese who are pictured celebrating their impressive win.

The win elevated Bruny to 5th on the ladder and with a game against Oatlands away next week it will be interesting to see how well we have performed at the half-way mark of the season.


  Match Details    
  Max Burslem, Suzi Hazi, Gary Baker and Martin Hampson Won 21 - 16  
  Brian Paynter, Angela Little, John Kobylec and Neil Jones Lost 18 - 23  
  Jenny Martyn, Penaia Lese, Peter Wheeler and Chris Martyn Won 26 - 13  
  Graeme Little, Janice Higgins, Warren Jenkins and Leigh Higgins Lost 20 - 22