Bruny vs. Franklin (Away)

Franklin defeated Bruny 10 - 4 (83 to 69 shots)


The weather report for the day looked grim. Even though it was warm, thunderstorms were expected by noon. After being provided with a welcome morning tea on our arrival we commenced our game on a flat green running at 13 secs. The game progressed with little separating the two sides and there was a good chance Bruny would gain a win on grass. That all changed at lunch time when a short rain shower slowed down the green which then gave a big advantage to the home Club.

The weather looked very threatening and we could see heavy rain towards Huonville. After a total of 77 ends being played loud thunder gave us little warning of the almost tropical downpour that started. After a while sheltering from the rain it was agreed to call a halt to the match as enough ends had been completed to have a result. Players became drenched retrieving their bowls from the green.

Bruny's best performing team on the day was that of Traci, Ashley, Leigh and Martin which won by 10 shots. We had an enjoyable game of bowls against a good side. The camaraderie after the game continued on the bus trip home.

  Match Details    
  Penaia Lese, John Kobylec, Scott Benett and Chris Martyn Lost 12 - 22  
  Traci Hampson, Ashley Cooper, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Won 29 - 19  
  Colin O'Brien, Max Burslem, Jenny Martyn and Noel Moore Won 17 - 16  
  Brian Paynter, Janice Higgins, Peter Wheeler and Neil Jones Lost 11 - 26  
  Team lost 4 - 10 (69 to 83 shots).