Bruny vs. Glenorchy City (Home)

Glenorchy City defeated Bruny 10 - 4(81 to 67 shots)


The weather looked ominous. Heavy rain changing to drizzle, typical of easterly weather, did not bode well towards us playing a game. At 8am Captain John contacted our opponents to discuss whether we would play the game to discover they were already on their way to Bruny and in fact some had already caught the first ferry.

Their very early arrival allowed them a long period of practice on our green which helped them negate our home ground advantage. It was decided to play enough ends to gain a result before having a break in case rain stopped the game from being completed. Eventually, between short showers, the full game was completed.

Glenorchy/City proved too strong for Bruny winning on two rinks by a better margin than the home team could achieve. Our gun rink of Max Burslem, Suzi Hazi, Gary Baker and Martin Hampson continued on their merry winning way with a 23 to 9 win. This win has promoted Martin to the number 2 position on the Division 2 Skips ladder...well done.


  Match Details    
  Max Burslem, Suzi Hazi, Gary Baker and Martin Hampson Won 23 - 9  
  Brian Paynter, Angela Little, Scott Bennett and Neil Jones Lost 12 - 33  
  Jenny Martyn, Penaia Lese, Janice Higgins and Leigh Higgins Won 16 - 15  
  Peter Wheeler, Barry Bell, John Kobylec and Chris Martyn Lost 16 - 24  
  Team Lost 4 - 10 (67 to 81 shots).