Bruny vs. Orford (Away)

Bruny defeated Orford 12 - 2 (99 to 86 shots)


In a very rare happening most Clubs lost their home game to their visitors in Division Two. The only one different tied on 95 shots but one side gained 9 points by winning on three rinks. So much for home ground advantage.

Our team was elated with its win and it was an exuberant trip home on the bus. The win pushed Bruny to fourth spot on the ladder. The best performed team of the day was that of Penaia, Graeme, Noel and Chris which won by 11 shots. They overtook the 10 shot win of John, Max, Jenny and Gary on the last bowl of their game.

There is a saying that size matters or is that length? Small lengths are OK however as the rink of Traci, Kim, Leigh and Martin won the last measure of the day from a distance of over a metre by 5 millimetres which gave a one shot win to that team and gained an extra two points for the Club.

The hospitality of the Orford Club was much appreciated especially to some of our players who caravanned overnight behind their Clubrooms.

  Match Details    
  Penaia Lese, Graeme Little, Noel Moore and Chris Martyn Won 26 - 15  
  Traci Hampson, Kim Dudley, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Won 27 - 26  
  John Kobylec, Max Burslem, Jenny Martyn and Gary Baker Won 29 - 19  
  Ashley Cooper, Janice Higgins, Brian Paynter and Neil Jones Lost 17 - 26  
  Team won 12 - 2 (99 to 86 shots).