Bruny vs. Royal Hobart (Away)

Royal Hobart defeated Bruny 12 - 2 (86 to 68 shots)


Royal Hobart has an enviable record of wins at home on their own green. Bruny found that Royal Hobart has every reason to be proud of that after defeating their visitors on three of the rinks.

The only successful rink from Bruny was last week's best performers in Max Burslem, Gary Baker, Suzi Hazi and skip Martin Hampson (photo attached) who continued on their winning way with a 3 shot nail biting finish before a cheering gallery to gain Bruny's only two points.

The competition in Division 2 is tight with only 3 points separating the top 5 teams. With only 14 points separating the top nine teams the competition is wide open. Home ground advantages are under threat with teams winning away games. It will be interesting following the teams during the next couple of weeks.


  Match Details    
  Jenny Martyn, Graeme Little, Janice Higgins and Leigh Higgins Lost 17 - 28  
  John Kobylec, Barry Bell, Peter Wheeler and Chris Martyn Lost 19 - 29  
  Max Burslem, Suzi Hazi, Gary Baker and Martin Hampson Won 21 - 18  
  Brian Paynter, Angela Little, Scott Bennett and Neil Jones Lost 18 - 28  
  Team Lost 2 - 12 (68 to 86 shots).