Bruny Bowls Club participates in the interclub Pennants Competition administered by Southern Tasmania Bowls Association (STBA). During the 2016/17 season (October – March) Bruny will compete in Division 2. Results will appear below as the season progresses.



Bruny vs. Franklin

Franklin defeated Bruny 12 – 4 (86 to 46 shots)


It’s amazing how the fickle weather we have been experiencing has had such an effect on our games. First at Oatlands we had wind, rain, hail and cold temperatures. At home we have had lovely warm days. At Franklin on the first grass green for the season we have experienced we once again had rain and wind. The rain made the green slow and Franklin really made the most of their home ground advantage.

Our stay at the top of the ladder was short-lived as we are now in fifth spot
It was really frustrating for our players who put down good bowls only to have them removed by our opponents. Franklin, although like us having only one team, also have some very good bowlers who were very evident during the game.

Franklin made us welcome with morning tea upon arrival. We played straight through after an early start with a short toilet break during the game. They also put on food after the game. The green, although rain affected and slow, was a great improvement in condition from last year.

Our only winning rink of the game was that of Jenny, John, Leigh and Martin. Well done.

  Match Details    
  Brian Paynter, Nola Taylor, Don Taylor and Gary Bake Lost 7 – 26  
  Ashley Cooper, Suzi Hazi, Noel Moore and Chris Martyn Lost 13 – 22  
  Max Burslem, Janice Higgins, Pete Wheeler and Neil Jones Lost 10 – 24  
  Jenny Martyn, John Kobylec, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Won 16 – 14  
  Team Lost 46 to 86 shots.