Bruny vs. Glenorchy Rodman (Home)

Bruny defeated Glenorchy Rodman 10 - 4 (97 to 87 shots)


After climbing to 6th position on the ladder Bruny showed it has a competitive side by beating the Top of Ladder team Glenorchy Rodman. The 10 shot winning margin for Bruny elevated it to 5th position and relegated Glenorchy Rodman to 2nd position.

It was a sunny but windy day at Bruny. The wind was flukey but had little influence on a tight game. Bruny welcomed two players back - Colin O'Brien after a 3 year absence from the game and Ashley Cooper after illness.

Traci Hampson celebrated her birthday with an excellent win on her rink.

Noel Moore, skipping for the first time, led his Four to the best win on the day with a margin of 17 shots. His team, (pictured above), looking very pleased after their win, was Noel, Jenny Martyn, John Kobylec and Graeme Little.

With another Home game next week against Howrah Bruny has an opportunity to consolidate its position as a force to be recognised in Division 2.

  Match Details    
  John Kobylec, Graeme Little, Jenny Martyn and Noel Moore Won 34 - 17  
  Traci Hampson, Ashley Cooper, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Won 28 - 16  
  Scott Bennett, Angela Little, Penaia Lese and Chris Martyn Lost 17 - 27  
  Colin O'Brien, Janice Higgins, Brian Paynter and Neil Jones Lost 18 - 27  
  Team won 10 - 4 (97 to 87 shots).