Bruny vs. Beltana (Away)

Bruny defeated Beltana 10 - 4 (94 to 88 shots)


It was the first game for Bruny at Beltana for about five years as Beltana had been demoted from Div 1 at end of last season. When questioned as to why Beltana decide to play their Div 2 games on the synthetic green it was explained that as there are 5 synthetic greens to be used in Div 2 it was in Beltana's interest to also play on synthetic. I feel they lost their competitive advantage by not playing on grass as it would be a challenge to visiting sides.

In blustery windy weather Bruny defeated Beltana in Bruny's first away win since its only away win last season in Round 14 at Kingborough on that club's synthetic green. The side on wind created a very narrow side and a very wide side.

The two winning teams for Bruny were those skipped by Gary Baker and Neil Jones . Gary's team won by the greatest margin of 11 shots. Gary's team members pictured above were John Kobylec, Jenny Martyn and Max Burslem. Bruny's win has lifted the side to 6th position on the ladder.

  Match Details    
  John Kobylec, Max Burslem, Jenny Martyn and Gary Baker Won 25 - 14  
  Traci Hampson, Barry Bell, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Lost 18 - 27  
  Scott Bennett, Angela Little, Noel Moore and Chris Martyn Lost 20 - 23  
  Brian Paynter, Graeme Little, Janice Higgins and Neil Jones Won 31 - 24  
  Team won 10 - 4 (94 to 88 shots).