Bruny vs. New Norfolk (Away)

Bruny defeated New Norfolk 12 - 2 (90 to 83 shots)


The Bruny team travelled to New Norfolk with great trepidation recalling the thrashing that New Norfolk meted out to them at their first meeting last year by a 70 shot margin. With a weather forecast promising showers during the day adding to Bruny's worries of playing on a slow, wet green, it was a great relief to find a dry green and rain not eventuating.

Bruny performed well on all rinks only losing on one of them in the last two ends of the game. The gaining of a 12 - 2 win with a margin of 7 shots has boosted the confidence of the Bruny team for the coming games of the season. Even though having played only 2 rounds it is a great result to be sitting on top of the ladder.

The best performing rink of the day for Bruny was that of Jenny Martyn, Angela Little, Warren Jenkins (having his first game after a 18 month break) and Leigh Higgins (pictured above).

Next Saturday's away game at Orford will be a strong test for Bruny.


  Match Details    
  Suzi Hazi, Penaia Lese, Janice Higgins and Martin Hampson Won 19 - 17  
  John Kobylec, Barry Bell, Peter Wheeler and Chris Martyn Lost 19 - 22  
  Brian Paynter, Graeme Little, Scott Bennett and Neil Jones Won 23 - 22  
  Jenny Martyn, Angela Little, Warren Jenkins and Leigh Higgins Won 29 - 22  
  Team Won 12 - 2 (90 to 83 shots).