Bruny vs. New Norfolk (Home)

Bruny defeated New Norfolk 10 - 4 (80 to 77 shots)


We had to win this. Bruny and New Norfolk level in points in second spot on the Division 2 ladder with only one more game to go. We had the home ground advantage. The best weather for the season so far with sunny sky and a very light breeze.

New Norfolk wasn't going to lie down. They adapted very quickly to our green which resulted in an extremely tight game with the result not certain until the last end played. We won by 3 shots! Winning on 2 rinks gave us 10 points keeping us in a viable position to make the finals.

Our best performing rink of the week was that of Jenny, Nola, Leigh and Martin who achieved a 12 shot win over the third ranking skip in our division - well done!

Next game is the final pennant game of the season. There are six teams with only 8 points separating them. No one can safely predict which team will be promoted and even the constitution of the final four to play off for the pennant. Even last spot for relegation is uncertain with Taroona and St. Johns Park fighting to stay in Division 2. Against our trend for the season to date we need to win on grass this week. There is no reason why we can't. It's all in the mind. Short bowls will not get shot - they only get in the way!

  Match Details    
  Brian Paynter, John Kobylec, Don Taylor and Gary Baker Won 17 - 16  
  Jenny Martyn, Nola Taylor, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Won 25 - 13  
  Ashley Cooper, Scott Bennett, Noel Moore and Chris Martyn Lost 22 - 24  
  Suzanne Hazi, Janice Higgins, Peter Wheeler and Neil Jones Lost 16 - 24  
  Team won 10 - 4 (80 to 77 shots).