Bruny vs. Franklin (Home)

Franklin defeated Bruny 14 - 0 (116 to 91 shots)


Bruny's aspirations to have a berth in the Final 4 of the Division 2 Pennant Competition were dealt a crushing blow by the visiting Franklin team when it defeated the home team with a whitewash 14 point win. Franklin showed no qualms about playing Bruny on its home ground and handled the windy conditions much better than the Bruny players. The wind negated the home ground advantage for Bruny.

Franklin displayed good bowling skills on the synthetic green and informed the writer that they had only lost one game on a synthetic green during the season. Bruny teams, after a slow start, did start to perform better later in the game and made many of the games much closer than it seemed was going to eventuate. Two teams lost by only 3 shots.

Whether Bruny makes the final 4 will depend on Bruny achieving a good win against Sandy Bay next week and the performance of other teams further up the ladder.

Following the game players elected the Selectors for next season and the Members of the new Bowls Committee. This was later followed by a BBQ for the players and their spouses.  

  Match Details    
  Ashley Cooper, Max Burslem, Scott Benett and Chris Martyn Lost 26 - 32  
  Traci Hampson, Janice Higgins, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Lost 23 - 26  
  Colin O'Brien, Brian Paynter, Gary Baker and Jenny Martyn Lost 20 - 33  
  John Kobylec, Penaia Lese, Peter Wheeler and Neil Jones Lost 22 - 25  
  Team lost 0 - 14 (91 to 116 shots).