Bruny vs. Glenorchy City (Away)

Bruny defeated Glenorchy City 10 - 4 (83 to 76 shots)


It was the first time for most of the Bruny players to visit the synthetic green at Berriedale. It runs about a second slower than the Bruny green which was to the liking of most of the Bruny players.

When Glenorchy/City visited Bruny they gave Bruny one of its home defeats. Bruny reciprocated with a similar result on the return game. Pete Wheeler, Max Burslem, Jenny and Chris Martyn (pictured) continued on their winning way from last week's game to gain a 17 shot win to be the best performing of the Bruny's rinks. Gary Baker returned to the Skips position this week for an impressive 9 shot winning margin.

Hopefully the tide has turned and Bruny will continue to cement its position in Division 2 with further wins in the remaining games.


  Match Details    
  John Kobylec, Angela Little, Warren Jenkins and Leigh Higgins Lost 12 - 30  
  Brian Paynter, Penaia Lese, Scott Bennett and Gary Baker Won 24 - 15  
  Peter Wheeler, Max Burslem, Jenny Martyn and Chris Martyn Won 30 - 13  
  Ashley Cooper, Suzi Hazi, Janice Higgins and Martin Hampson Lost 17 - 18