Bruny vs. Orford (Home)

Bruny defeated Orford 14 - 0 (103 to 84 shots)


When Bruny last played Orford at Orford it was Remembrance Day (11/11/2017). It was a day to remember for Bruny as it won 12 - 2 at an away game. Since that time Bruny's fortunes have fluctuated with a position in the Final Four being in question. Last week Bruny was sitting at 6th Spot on the ladder.

Yesterday Bruny had its first 14 - 0 win of the season. That result and the surprise win by Sandy Bay at New Norfolk enabled Bruny to gain 4th position in the Pennant Ladder. Sandy Bay might be the team to watch as they climbed from obscurity last season to go on and win the Division 2 Pennant.

There were some tight games in three of the rinks at Bruny during the match. The rink skipped by Noel Moore managed a win at the very end of their game. The rink of Penna, Janice, Leigh and Martin(Skip) lead by a comfortable margin throughout their game finally winning by 9 shots to be the best performing rink of the day.

With two Away games at Taroona and Sandy Bay and a Home game against Franklin Bruny will need to play its best to be able to have a tilt at winning the Finals. It can be done!

  Match Details    
  Ashley Cooper, Max Burslem, Scott Benett and Chris Martyn Won 28 - 23  
  Penaia Lese, Janice Higgins, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Won 26 - 17  
  Brian Paynter, Angela Little, Jenny Martyn and Noel Moore Won 24 - 22  
  John Kobylec, Barry Bell, Peter Wheeler and Neil Jones Won 25 - 22  
  Team won 14 - 0 (103 to 84 shots).