Bruny vs. Royal Hobart (Home)

Royal Hobart defeated Bruny 10 - 4 (77 to 73 shots)


The Bruny bowlers are starting to scratch their heads wondering why everything seems to be going wrong. At the start of the Division 2 Pennant Season Bruny spent some heady time at the top of the Pennant Ladder after winning three of the first 4 games. Since that time the team has only won one other game and has started a downward trend that, unless arrested, will result in relegation at the end of the Pennant season. The Club has lost games by extremely small margins which was once again experienced in this week's game.

Bottom of the ladder dweller Royal Hobart came to Bruny and achieved a 10 - 4 win by 4 shots overall.

Bruny has slipped to 9th on the 10 position ladder now leading Royal Hobart by 12 shots. With 4 games of the roster left a great effort must be made to win those games.

Bruny's best performing rink was that of Peter Wheeler, Barry Bell, Jenny Martyn and Chris Martyn who had an 8 shot winning margin.


  Match Details    
  Max Burslem, Suzi Hazi, Gary Baker and Martin Hampson Lost 14 - 28  
  Brian Paynter, Graeme Little, Scott Bennett and Neil Jones Lost 17 - 18  
  John Kobylec, Janice Higgins, Warren Jenkins and Leigh Higgins Won 18 - 15  
  Peter Wheeler, Barry Bell, Jenny Martyn and Chris Martyn Won 24 - 16