Bruny vs. Glenorch-Rodman (Away)

Glenorchy-Rodman defeated Bruny 11 - 3 (102 to 79 shots)


At Glenorchy-Rodman Bruny was welcomed with an excellent morning tea upon arrival which even included scallop pies! Bruny was also faced with a damp slow green which purportedly been watered that morning prior to play. It took a while for Bruny to adapt to the green and a competitive game ensued.

Chris Martyn's rink of himself with Ashley Cooper leading on a green with which he is very familiar, Max Burslem playing second and Scott Bennett as number three produced very good skills to be Bruny's top rink winning by 4 shots.

On another rink Bruny's Martin Hampson played a skip's dream shot with his very last bowl to trail the jack and gain 2 shots which resulted in a drawn game.

Bruny is currently holding 5th position on the ladder and with only 5 pennant games left in the season a concerted effort will need to be made in those games to make the final four. The coming game against ladder leader Howrah will give a good indication of Bruny's chances.

  Match Details    
  Ashley Cooper, Max Burslem, Scott Benett and Chris Martyn Won 21 - 17  
  Traci Hampson, Janice Higgins, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Drew 22 - 22  
  Brian Paynter, John Kobylec, Jenny Martyn and Noel Moore Lost 23 - 27  
  Penaia Lese, Barry Bell, Peter Wheeler and Neil Jones Lost 13 - 36  
  Team lost 3 - 11 (79 to 102 shots).