Bruny vs. Beltana (Home)

Bruny defeated Beltana 12 - 2 (95 to 86 shots)


At Orford no game was played due to a "Hail Out" when hail settled several centimetres deep to look like snow. At Franklin there was a washout due to heavy rain. At Bruny bowls was played until a heavy shower caused an early lunch break. At the break Beltana was leading by 6 shots and were ahead on two rinks.

After the green drained of water the game continued with short breaks due to intermittent showers which caused difficulties with gripping the bowls. At the completion of the game Bruny won on three rinks with a winning margin overall of 9 shots.

Bruny's best performing rink was that of Colin, Brian, Jenny and Noel who clawed their way back from a large deficit early in the game to eventually win by 9 shots.

The win helped maintain Bruny's position in 5th spot on the ladder. Upcoming away games against the ladder leaders will determine whether Bruny has finals potential.

  Match Details    
  Ashley Cooper, Max Burslem, Scott Benett and Chris Martyn Won 21 - 16  
  Traci Hampson, Janice Higgins, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Won 25 - 23  
  Colin O'Brien, Brian Paynter, Jenny Martyn and Noel Moore Won 33 - 24  
  Graeme Little, John Kobylec, Peter Wheeler and Neil Jones Lost 16 - 24  
  Team won 12 - 2 (95 to 86 shots).