Bruny Bowls Club participates in the interclub Pennants Competition administered by Southern Tasmania Bowls Association (STBA). During the 2016/17 season (October – March) Bruny will compete in Division 2. Results will appear below as the season progresses.



Bruny vs. St. Johns Park (Away)

St. Johns Park defeated Bruny 10 - 4 (77 to 71 shots)


The last time that a Bruny Team had played at St. Johns Park was 18 years ago when Leigh and Ashley had last played there. A couple of the home team had also played there at that time.

We shared the green with a team from Cremorne who were playing in Division 7.

We had a very tight game on a green that was running at 12.5 seconds. This varied due to rain showers and blustery winds at times. Probably the best weather of the day was while we were inside the clubrooms having lunch.

Our best performed rink of the week was once again that of Ashley, Suzanne, Noel and Chris which won by the impressive margin of 14 points. Also notable was the rink of Jenny, Kim, Leigh and Martin who were successful in beating the top skip of Division 2 who had only lost one game so far this season.

With the Christmas break coming up we find ourselves in 5th position on the ladder but only 10 points behind the leading Club. To have a chance we need to overcome our bogey of losing away games.

  Match Details    
  Brian Paynter, John Kobylec, Don Taylor and Gary Baker Lost 15 - 21  
  Jenny Martyn, Kim Dudley, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Won 16 - 15  
  Ashley Cooper, Suzanne Hazi, Noel Moore and Chris Martyn Won 28 - 14  
  Max Burslem, Janice Higgins, Peter Wheeler and Neil Jones Lost 12 - 27  
  Team Lost 4 - 10 (71 to 77 Shots).