Bruny vs. New Norfolk (Home)

New Norfolk defeated Bruny 12 - 2 (104 to 78 shots)


During the week the green received a major 'brush up' by the original installers of our Bowls Green. This is the first time this has occurred since the green was installed 11 years ago. Over those years the green has flattened out resulting in a progressively faster surface to which our bowlers have become accustomed. This has given us a distinct home ground advantage resulting in us winning the vast majority of home games.

The refurbishment changed this completely presenting us with a slower green which gave problems to many of our bowlers. New Norfolk had no problems handling Bruny's green as it bowled similar to their grass green. Strong fluctuating winds made bowling a challenge to all bowlers. New Norfolk thrashed Bruny by 71 shots at New Norfolk on a wet day in the first game of the season. At the return game on Saturday at Bruny they managed a 26 shot margin win. New Norfolk is becoming our nemesis. We are still however in 5th spot on the ladder so a final four place is still in our grasp in future games.

Our best performing team and only winner was that of Peter, John, Gary and Neil who won by 13 shots.

  Match Details    
  Ashley Cooper, Max Burslem, Scott Benett and Chris Martyn Lost 12 - 31  
  Traci Hampson, Janice Higgins, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Lost 18 - 32  
  Colin O'Brien, Penaia Lese, Jenny Martyn and Noel Moore Lost 17 - 23  
  Peter Wheeler, John Kobylec, Gary Baker and Neil Jones Won 31 - 18  
  Team lost 2 - 12 (78 to 104 shots).