Bruny vs. New Norfolk (Away)

New Norfolk defeated Bruny 14 - 0 (127 to 56 shots)


The Bathurst Thousand was held on Sunday and in the wet weather an oft used word to describe the race was 'carnage'. That word aptly describes our first game of the new season against New Norfolk.

We were thoroughly beaten by the New Norfolk side on a well prepared grass green that our team found too slow to our liking. It was surprising how well the green rolled considering the cold and wet weather prior to the season opening. The 71 shot loss was probably our biggest to date.

However apart from that minor hiccup which puts us on the bottom of the ladder there were some positives. We had an enjoyable trip up and back on the bus. The weather was fine and warm. New Norfolk put on an excellent morning and afternoon tea and Jenny Jones won the meat raffle.

Before the game began President Brian presented new player Barry Bell with his name badge and welcomed him into the side.

Our best performing team was that of John, Max, Jenny and Gary which lost by the lowest margin of ten shots. Our position on the ladder can only improve.

  Match Details    
  John Kobylec, Max Burslem, Jenny Martyn and Gary Baker Lost 17 - 27  
  Traci Hampson, Barry Bell, Leigh Higgins and Martin Hampson Lost 17 - 30  
  Scott Bennett, Graeme Little, Noel Moore and Chris Martyn Lost 8 - 33  
  Kim Dudley, Janice Higgins, Brian Paynter and Neil Jones Lost 14 - 37  
  Team lost 0 - 14 (56 to 127 shots).