Bruny Bowls Club participates in the interclub Pennants Competition administered by Southern Tasmania Bowls Association (STBA). During the 2018/19 season (October - March) Bruny will compete in Division 2. Results will appear below as the season progresses.




Bruny vs. Sandy Bay (Away)

Sandy Bay defeated Bruny 12 - 2 (98 to 57 shots)


More and more is Bruny becoming aware of 'home ground' advantage and this is becoming very evident with the very noticeable speed difference between grass and synthetic greens. Practising at home on a 16 second speed synthetic green does not prepare players for playing on a slower (13 second) grass green. Bowls follow a much narrower track and slow down very rapidly at the end of a delivery. Because of the mix of green types in Division 2 the results vary little from week to week so that now, after 7 rounds, there is only 9 points separating 1st to 8th positions on the ladder.

Sandy Bay gave a very emphatic lesson on how to play on their own grass green on Saturday. The grass was flat and even so the only difference between the two sides was how to play to the conditions.

Bruny's saving grace was the very good win of Scott Bennett, John Kobylec, Neil Jones (skip) and Brian Paynter, who won their game 18 to 16. Bruny has slipped to 8th position on the ladder but with a home game next week the Club has every chance of improving its position.


  Match Details    
  Graeme Little, Janice Higgins, Warren Jenkins and Leigh Higgins Lost 15 - 25  
  Max Burslem, Suzi Hazi, Gary Baker and Martin Hampson Lost 11 - 29  
  Jenny Martyn, Barry Bell, Peter Wheeler and Chris Martyn Lost 13 - 28  
  Brian Paynter, John Kobylec, Scott Bennett and Neil Jones Won 18 - 16  
  Team Lost 2 - 12 (57 to 98 shots).  

Next Game: Against Franklin At Bruny on 8th December.




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