Bruny Bowls Club participates in the interclub Pennants Competition administered by Southern Tasmania Bowls Association (STBA). During the 2018/19 season (October - March) Bruny will compete in Division 2. Results will appear below as the season progresses.




Bruny vs. Taroona (Home)

Bruny defeated Taroona 10 - 4 (86 to 78 shots)


Bruny plays Taroona every year in a home and away competition for the "De'Entrecasteau" shield which has been competed for for several years. Because we are now both in the same pennant division we use those games to determine the winner following the results of the return games.

The game at Bruny was won by the home team after a very tight tussle with both teams winning two rinks each but Bruny ending up with the higher aggregate of shots.

Bruny's top performing rink of the day was that of Gary Baker, Suzi Hazi, Max Burslem and Martin Hampson winning by a margin of 6 shots.

Bruny's win has allowed it to retain top spot on the Division 2 ladder.


  Match Details    
  Brian Paynter, Penaia Lese, Scott Bennett and Neil Jones Lost 20 - 21  
  John Kobylec, Barry Bell, Peter Wheeler and Chris Martyn Lost 20 - 22  
  Max Burslem, Suzi Hazi, Gary Baker and Martin Hampson Won 23 - 17  
  Jenny Martyn, Janice Higgins, Warren Jenkins and Leigh Higgins Won 23 - 18  
  Team Won 10 - 4 (86 to 78 shots).  

Next Game: Against Royal Hobart At Royal Hobrt on 17th November.




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